Here are a few logos I designed. I used Microsoft Visio for each of these. Its amazing what all you can achieve with Visio.

  1. iGift

    1. My friend's Swapnil and Zaiba's venture. They already had the logo designed, I just vectorized it and cleaned it up so it looked good on the initial release of their website here: www.igiftindia.in

  1. Jugaad Lab

    1. Prof. Dhananjay Gadre came up with this name. I suggested that he have an umbrella brand for all the DIY/Hackerspace kinda activities he does in collaboration with

    2. various entities (CEDIT@NSIT, collaborating with Texas Instruments and Fab Lab).

    3. We wanted a logo that will tell the audience that we were involved in carrying out "jugaad" in electronics development.

    4. So we decided to have the thirsty crow in our logo - it is possibly the most oldest and most ubiquitous story of real life jugaad.

    5. All we had to do was to replace the pebble with an electronic chip to project our image as an electronics lab.

  1. ElectronicsFAQ

  2. Most of the dotcom names had been taken up when I was looking for getting one for my tech blog.

  3. I had to settle for www.electronicsfaq.com and this is the logo I could come up with.

  4. Not very elegant but hopefully still serves its purpose by expressing the intent properly.

  1. Fab Foundation India

  2. Again, done for Professor Gadre. Just added the two swatches from the Indian flag to the FabLab logo which doubled up as a stand-in for the Ashoka Chakra