Electronics Markets in Indian Cities

All cities in the world have various regions where certain kind of shops begin to bunch up. So, depending on your profession, you would be acquainted with the one of these regions within the city you live in. Being an Electronics Engineer, and living in India, I have had to visit and explore various region populated by shops selling electronic components and good. All major Indian cities have Electronics Markets which engineers, undergraduate students and technicians visit frequently to procure components for their projects.

Every time I visit on of these places, I find the landscape ever changing - old shops close down, new shops open up, new products appear, new streets and buildings open up, old ones close down or collapse. I figured if I spent some time documenting information collected on every visit, it would definitely help others - specially students and engineers who visit these places for the first time.So here is the list of various shops in various electronics markets in various Indian cities - their contact details, what they sell, photos etc. Hope it proves to be useful to some.

Popular international electronics markets that I know of: