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Page last updated September 2010

Here are some of the applications I use/have used successfully on my cellphone for various purposes..

Some of the free applications for Nokia 5800 listed below are available from Nokia India are here.


    • Ovi Store - Application for the application store from where you can download all these apps.
    • fring - IM/Chat/VoIP/SIP: works with googletalk, msn live, yahoo messenger,skype.
    • Skype mobile - IM/Chat/Voice calls. PC (in this case cellphone over WiFi) to phone calls can also be made.
    • Facebook for Nokia - Social networking. Allows you to lookup your friends phone numbers and call them. Allows you to click phones and upload them to your facebook album.
    • YouTube - Watch videos.
    • Google Mobile - Search using voice
    • Gmail for mobile - Access email, supports multiple accounts including Google Apps, can't send attachments, can't reply beyond the first chain. Allows you to lookup info for ur friends in your google contact list and call them.
    • Opera Mobile - Better browser than the default built-in one.
    • SymTorrent - Torrent client, leave your only your WiFi router and cellphone on and let it download your files to its memory card overnight over your WiFi connection.
    • Symella - Similar to SymTorrent but uses the older Gnutella network.


    • Ovi Maps - Nokia's own navigation applications. Works offline without data conenction since maps must be preloaded.
    • Google Maps - Add features like voice search, buzz, layers, latitude etc.. Requires a constant data connection
    • Sports Tracker - No longer maintained by Nokia, now maintained by a Third Party. You can log your workout path, export that to view it later on Google Earth on your PC. You can get your instantaneous speed, direction, location etc.. Even the title of the song playing while you move gets saved! (The earlier version maintained by nokia used to crash when used simultaneously with the music player playing music over a bluetooth headset, but this problem is no longer there in the new version)


Shopping/Banking in India

    • Cinemax - Check show timings across the chain, book tickets (Java based). Ticket booking failed when I first tried it - had to call the customer care and get a refund.
    • ICICI iMobile - Access your bank account, transfer money, pay bills (Java based). First used this on my Nokia 5700 - worked well on that. It was a whole year after I switched to Nokia 5800 that ICICI upgraded their app which now works nicely on 5800.

Purchased Apps



Musical Instruments

    • Touch Guitar
    • Touch Piano
    • Drummer
    • Flute
    • JalTarang
    • Maracas

All of the above Musical Instrument Applications

are available from Nokia India at this page.