Mumbai - Lamington Road

IT Hub - Computer Shop


Sells IT equipment. Stocks Bamboo Tablets - Bamboo Create available for Rs. 12,000

Toyo Connectors


Brought 5 pin JST connectors (1mm pitch) for 10 rupees per pin - precrimped female connector and PCB mount male connectors. JST stands for "Japan Solderless Terminal" which is also the name of the company (website1 | website2) which first started manufacturing them.

5pin 1mm pitch JST Connectors bought from Toyo Connectors

Mangalam Electronics


Sells all kinds of FFC (Flat Flexible Cable). Bought 30 way 33cm long strips for Rs. 40 each. Brought 60 way 15 cm long strips for Rs. 40 each. (Difference between FFC and FPC | History of FFC and FPC)

FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) brought from Mangalam Electronics

Chip Components


Sells SMD versions of microcontrollers.