All my technical books had been stored in an iron cupboard (photo here) at my office while I was at LARE.

Then one day, I moved all of them back home.

That's when I took it on myself to design a cupboard to house them and get it custom made thru a carpenter.

The planks are made of plywood and sunmica.

1. My poor books, lying in stacks waiting for their new home (Bookcase)..

The device kept on top of the stool on the left is a dehumidifier.The bottle underneath acts a reservoir of condensed water.

Mumbai humidity being what it is, I had a difficult time keeping out a plethora of micro-organisms which were hellbent on staining and destroying my books - hence the bookcase was required ASAP! (Read the whole story here.)

2. Proposed designs in Google SketchUp

The Google SketchUp file for this design is attached below. This was my first attempt to use Google SketchUp so the design is a bit clumsy.

3. Receipt of the Order Given to a Furniture Workshop

Had to convert all the dimensions to inches and feet. Increased the spacing betweent he shelves to 13 inches.