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~Kick in the nuts

Collections of things that help me rise back up whenever I feel knocked down.

  1. Douglas Coupland (Quotes)
  2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - All 4 Shayaris (Video)
  3. Clayton M. Christensen - How Will You Measure Your Life? (Article and Video)
  4. Mark Manson - The Most Important Question of Your Life (Blog post)
  5. Richard Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (Video)
  6. Cadbury Dairy Milk Advertisements: AllBus stop | Aaj meethe mein kya hai | Hostel | Office DiwaliSunny | In Laws Out Laws
  7. Bon Jovi Music Videos: Have a nice day | It's My Life | Livin' On A Prayer
  8. 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity (Link)
  9. Q&A with flirc's Jason Kotzin @ Sparkfun (Link)
  10. Extract from "Why do men climb?" by Woodrow Wilson Sayre (blog1 | google books @ page 169 | Mikel Vause)
  11. Shanti path - my nanaji (maternal grandfather) used to chant this whenever he used to feel even a bit negative (scanned page in hindi)
  12. Last 10 pages of The Fountainhead.
  13. Karthik Shekhar - Graduate Student:To Be or Not To Be (Link)
  14. Coke Studio Pakistan: Dasht-e-Tanhai | Lambi Judai | Jugni | Bibi Sanam
  15. Code Studio India: MadariBadri Badariyan | NirmohiyaChaudhary
  16. The Lumineers - A Take Away Show (Vimeo Videos)
  17. The Nicest Place on the Internet (youtube videos)
  18. Martin Kiszko performing "Takeaway Carbon" - a poem from his book "Green poems for a blue planet" (youtube video)
  19. Bournvita advertisement - Mom and Son (youtube video
  20. "Two Chips" / An Animated Short (vimeo video)
  21. Brown eyes and blue eyes Racism experiment (youtube video)